Daisy did crisis response and therapy dog work from August 2004 -- July 2014.  She responded at Northern Illinois University, the Lake Township Tornadoes, Parents of Murdered Children Annual Conferences (Cincinnati 2009 and 2013, Philadelphia 2010, and Milwaukee 2011), and Chardon High School  She participated in several reading programs and visited assisted living facilities. Daisy passed away in January 2016.  She is gone from our sight, but not our hearts.  Daisy's human is Laurie.  (Photo by Stephanie Overstreet Photography)
In Honor of Teams Who Have Retired or Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Sonny was a part of the Chardon High School crisis response and therapy dog teams.  He also was a therapy dog visiting Rainbow Children's Hospital. Sonny passed away in April 2014.  He is missed and loved by all who had the privilege to know him.  Sonny's human is Heather.