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About Paws with Compassion
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Who We Are:

Paws with Compassion is a group of dedicated dogs and handlers who desire to alleviate suffering by offering open hearts and friendly paws. Our varied backgrounds, experiences, and breeds enable us to engage with a broad population and address a variety of needs. We are proud to be the only therapy dog/K-9 crisis response group to require extensive, documented member training. Each team is interviewed and observed before joining Paws with Compassion. Once members, teams train and work regularly to maintain their skills. Required training includes dog handling, canine body language, canine first aid, canine manners, therapy dog and crisis response dog handling, crisis intervention, crisis response, compassion fatigue, and appropriate response methods.

Where We Come From:

Paws with Compassion was started by a group of therapy/crisis response handlers who wanted to work together to improve the training and handling of K-9 therapy and crisis response teams. The founding teams have responded to crises all over the United States, including the school shootings at Chardon, Ohio, Newtown, Connecticut and Northern Illinois University. They’ve also brought compassion to those affected by the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the tornadoes in Lake Township, Ohio. In addition to crisis response, these same teams do therapy work in a wide variety of places including schools, libraries, assisted living centers, nursing homes, hospitals, and colleges.