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Paws with Compassion was started by a group of therapy/crisis response handlers who wanted to work together to improve the training and handling of K-9 therapy and crisis response teams. Members of Paws with Compassion are diverse and together, cover a wide range of therapy dog and crisis response needs in local communities.  The group was formed to be supportive of handlers and their dogs whatever they choose/are able to do. By being an organized group, we can better serve our communities with therapy and crisis response dogs and better support our teams in their ongoing efforts. 

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Ongoing Responses:
Chardon High School

Past Responses:
Northern Illinois University shooting
Lake Township, Ohio tornado
Chardon High School (Ohio) shooting
Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting
Newtown (Connecticut) shooting
Boston Marathon bombing
Case University student plane crash
Willoughby murder
Sheffield Lake Candlelight Vigil

Therapy Dog Visits:
​Governor's Point -- Ohio
Salida Woods -- Ohio
Haven Home -- Ohio
Wickliffe Middle School -- Ohio
Paws to Read/Mentor -- Ohio
Barks for Books/Eastlake -- Ohio
Fairport Harbor Library -- Ohio
St. Mary's Mentor -- Ohio
Oberlin Library -- Ohio
South Park Mall (Red Cross) -- Ohio
Cuyahoga Community College -- Ohio
Lakeland Community College -- Ohio
Highland Springs Hospital -- Ohio
Kid Esteem School -- New York
Chelsea Village Medical -- New York and Massachusetts
Pheasant View, Quail Run, and Farr West Assisted Living Centers -- Utah
Hearts For Hospice -- Utah